Welcome to our Hawksmoor Rewards Program

Please click below to find out specific information about our private dining room.

We’ll reward you personally for every booking you make on behalf of your colleagues or bosses.*  

*Terms & Conditions


  • You need to be a member of the Hawksmoor Rewards Program – please sign up here if you haven’t already.
  • All Hawksmoor Rewards bookings must be made through the form above (please bookmark the link to this form for future bookings) – any bookings not made through this form are not valid. 
  • Only Private Dining Room bookings are valid.  
  • When you book on behalf of someone else, please book under the name of the person attending the restaurant but continue to use your contact details (email) to collect your reward points. 
  • Not valid for phone bookings or walk-ins.  


  • Rewards can be redeemed by either the employer or employee; it’s your responsibility to check with your employer who is entitled to receive the benefit. 
  • Rewards can be retained or gifted to eligible third parties (including a charity).
  • Only applicable when booking on behalf of the people stated on the sign-up form. 
  • Entitlement is per Private Dining or events booking, not per person. 
  • Please note that each Private Dining Room has different T&Cs, depending on location (minimum spends, deposit procedures, minimum guests’ requirement, and others). 
  • Points cannot be registered for bookings made prior to registration (only applied to new or future bookings), cancellations, no-shows or future bookings.
  • Hawksmoor Rewards is subject to change.
  • Valid at Hawksmoor Dublin only. 
  • Points cannot be retroactively applied – once you sign up to the Hawksmoor Rewards programme, you will start accruing credit. You will receive points once the reservation is completed successfully, so no credit will apply for no-shows, cancellations or reservations that haven’t happened yet. 
  • All programme members must be 18 or older. 

Points system 

For every private dining booking made, you’ll earn the following points: 

  • 1 private dining room booking = 1 point.  
  • 2 points = €100 digital Hawksmoor gift card (or opt-out and carry over to the next reward). 
  • 4 points = Another €100 gift card. 
  • 6 points = A Jo Malone bespoke hamper.  
  • You can continue building points or redeem your points above at any time. 
  • A Hawksmoor representative will contact you about how to redeem your Jo Malone hamper.  
  • Not transferable to cash or credit. 
  • Not transferable to another name. 
  • If you move company, points can be moved with you. 
  • To redeem a Hawksmoor gift card please email rewards@thehawksmoor.com and we will issue you a digital card. 
  • Points will expire in 24 months. 
  • A Hawksmoor representative will monitor the Hawksmoor Rewards email (rewards@thehawksmoor.com) only to facilitate reward inquiries.