Beef from small community farms from all corners of the island, grazing cattle on rotation on fertile Irish soil.

Hawksmoor was inspired by a labour of love to find the best possible beef and perfect the seemingly simple art of cooking steak. After years of dreaming, planning, tasting and touring, we’re so happy to have arrived in one of the most hospitable cities in the world. The menu revolves around the best ingredients we can find – whether it be beef from small Irish community farmers, dry-aged for 35 days and simply grilled over charcoal, sustainable seafood from around the isle, seasonal fruits and vegetables or cheeses from some of our favourite cheesemakers in the nation. Our home in the National Bank building boasts a decorative 40-foot cast-iron dome set on dramatic Corinthian columns, an elegant bar, and a private dining room, borrowing its name from a pedigree cow – None The Wiser. And all is presided by friendly people who love what they do. 

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Will & Huw

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