Hawksmoor Summer Lunch offerings

Something about summer lunch specials at Hawksmoor, just hits different.  

And, our Executive Chef and all round genius, Matt Brown, has really knocked it out of the park with some summer lunchtime newness – including some Hawksmoor menu firsts and inspiration from the Mid-West ahead of our Chicago opening. Tuck in below… 

Available during lunch opening hours only (except Sundays)


21 day salt-aged pork chop 
vinegar slaw, crackling 

A Hawksmoor menu first. Another dish that celebrates amazing produce from Peter Hannan’s Himalayan salt chamber in County Antrim. Rich, flavourful pork that’s perfectly tender and succulent. Served simply with a mound of vinegar slaw and crisp, crunchy crackling.  

Chicago beef roll
roast beef, giardiniera, lemon & rosemary fries, dipping gravy

Our tasty tribute to our new home. This iconic Chicago sandwich actually has a hundred years of history. “Italian beefs”, as they’re known in Chicago, came from Neapolitan immigrants who moved to the city a century ago. 

Flat iron steak, Diane sauce 
beef dripping fries & steakhouse salad 

An iconic retro steak with an old-school booze-and-beef aroma from a healthy splash of fine Cognac. Paired with our most iconic side and a light salad.  

Baked Cod 
summer vegetables, beurre blanc 

Pairing perfectly with a crisp, cold white wine our baked cod with peas, broad beans and organic jersey royals. Sustainably caught and fresh from that same morning. 

Rump steak & chips 
beef dripping chips & steakhouse salad 

A menu mainstay for a reason. Our 35-day dry-aged Rump steak served alongside beef dripping chips and a salad.  

Summer salad 
peas, sugar snaps, cashew ricotta 

Light, seasonal, and undeniably delicious.  


Atomic sundae 
Our tribute to Chicago’s more-is-more Atomic Cake. Banana, chocolate and vanilla cake, roasted banana ice-cream, strawberries, custard, whipped cream, fudge sauce 

Because sometimes more is more is more is more. To celebrate opening in Hawksmoor Chicago we reimagined its iconic Atomic Cake as an ice cream sundae. Born in South Side Chicago in the 1950s to celebrate the Atomic Age, Atomic Cake is a gravity defying tower of three different cakes – banana cake, chocolate cake and ‘yellow’ (vanilla) cake – sandwiched with custard, cream, fresh bananas, strawberry jam and fudge sauce.  We hit all the same notes whilst adding in roasted banana ice cream. 

Lunch Drinks

Mr Beef Martini
Absolut Vodka, Dry White Wine, Pickled Chilli

Shirley T / Dirty Shirley
Sparkling Ginger Tea, Lemongrass, Pomegranate (add vodka to make it dirty!)

Lunch Deal for €25

 Chicago beef roll, Atomic sundae and a Lunch drink

Chicago-style Italian beef roll

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